©XdotTina | 2011

©XdotTina | 2011

So, I’ve just graduated from college, and I’m trying really hard to get back to South Korea to teach English. I studied abroad in South Korea at Korea University in Seoul for a year during my junior year of college and I loved it. I need to return! Plus, teaching coincides with my career aspirations, so returning is like killing several birds with one stone!

Here’s what I’ve been through thus far: For some unknown reason, I didn’t get past the EPIK interview (although I felt that it went pretty well), but I’ve been researching like crazy trying to find another way to get a job in my second home, South Korea. After posting my resume on Dave’s Cafe and sending out my resume and recommendation letters out to several recruiters and schools, I finally bumped into a school near Daegu through an institution, here in the United States. I sent in their application and then pretty much all the documents that I had, to show them that I was serious! The contact responded back to me and we set up an interview for tomorrow at noon via Skype. I HATE Skype interviews! They’re so awkward, but I’m hoping that it isn’t too bad because I can tell from the few email exchanges that she has a great personality. This is a good start to an interview that hasn’t necessarily began yet, so I’m really excited.

I’ll most likely do a post interview update and let you guys know how it went. WISH ME LUCK!!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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