Interview 3OKAY! I just finished up my last interview with the Lead Coordinator and a teacher at the school that I want to teach at. It went very well. Many of the questions that were asked were ones that I had been asked during my second interview, so I was pretty comfortable.

The Lead Coordinator has a great personality! He’s funny, has a great sense of humor, and seems like a overall great person to be around. The accompanying teacher is from England, and he was pretty quiet, but was given the opportunity to ask me a pretty important question regarding flexibility.

Overall, I’m pretty confident that I did well enough in all of the interviews to show that this is something that I really want to do. I’m so nervous and anxious all at the same time! I really believe that not getting through the EPIK interview was fate, and that God has a better path for me to take through this process with this school. I hope that all works well, and of course, I’ll be sure to let everyone know the verdict once I am contacted.

BTW | Homegirl was looking extra good tonight! LOL!!!! I made sure to put on my best face (makeup), blouse, and style my hair perfectly. It’s safe to say, that I was feelin’ myself to’nah-eet! LOL!! I really just started getting ready too soon and decided to get dolled up because I had the time, LOL!! I think I was just really nervous, and needed to do something to calm myself, so why not put on makeup?!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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