So, I’m down to just a little under two months before I leave, and I’ve just started to get everything prepared for getting to Korea and getting things set here at home.

I’ve been sent a list of all the documents that I need to complete and turn in to get my work visa, so I’ve gotten started on that. In the back of my mind, I’ve began thinking about all the things I need to get situated at home before I leave to make sure that nothing goes wrong while I’m in Korea. I’ve got student loan payments that start next month, and then the big payments start in November. GAWD, so not looking forward to the big payments, but I really want to pay it off and move on.

As for the visa, I have to get my FBI background check apostilled which is going to cost a whopping $55! But that’s only because I have to get it apostilled through a agent. Whatever . . . LOL

I’m really excited! Been thinking about what I’m going to pack, and to be sure that I remember to bring a Winter coat because I forgot the last time I was in Korea. I basically wore a light Spring jacket the entire time. Until next time!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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