So, while I’m getting everything together before it’s time for me to set off, I thought I’d shared some of the things that I’m looking forward to the most since the last time I was in South Korea. Although, I was in Seoul the first time I went to Korea, and this time I’ll be in a totally different province and situation (teaching vs studying), I’ll still have the opportunity to return to Seoul for the things that I won’t be able to do where I will be living. So anyway, I’m sooooooo looking forward to going back to GioCat!

Gio Cat is a cat cafe in Hongdae Seoul. I have a cat, which whom I call my son, Goku, who I had to be separated from for a year while I was studying abroad in Korea and I was having cat withdrawals fo-sho. So, my friend was researching and came across Gio Cat, and a group of 4 of us decided to go.

There were cats EVERYWHERE and suprisingly, it didn’t smell. I couldn’t smell anything that smelled like . . . . well, cat, LOL!!. Some of the cats were groomed to where it looked like they were wearing little snow boots, and some of them looked like lions! I can’t wait!! I definitely see Gio Cat as a place of therapy for me when I start to get a little homesick and miss my baby!! I could (and have) spent hours in Gio Cat because it’s just so much fun.

So how does it work? You get the cafe and you take off your shoes and put your things in a locker. You get slippers and when I was there, the admission price was 8,000 won (about $8) and this includes a beverage of your choice from the cafe (I got an Americano), and I think 2 hours in the cafe with the cats. Like I said, the cats are everywhere, so you have to go and try to find a seat that one hasn’t already taken. Some of the cats will jump on the tables and lay by your drinks, or even try to eat it, and some will jump on your lap to get pet and take a nap.

They have this huge climbing tree that the cats go up or sit on, and then there is a sort of hanging bridge from the ceiling that goes across the cafe, so some of the cats are above you just walking around. The little ones (or the baby kittens) who are too young to come out are on display behind glass walls, but you will see some, if not most, trying to get out.

GAWD, I see myself going there perhaps every month, LOL. I can’t wait! I did take picture last time I was there and I just compiled them into a collage in the photo above, but if you would like more pictures, videos, and information about Gio Cat, I found this blog post that you can visit.


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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