Out and AboutI know my friends are reading the title of this blog post are like, “<.<) . . . . you .  . . going out???? Riiiiggghhhhtttttt” LOL!! YES chingus, I can’t wait to go out and see things because I didn’t get a chance to do so the last time we were in South Korea. When I was studying abroad in South Korea a few years ago, I had a severe case of insomnia, and I still had to go to classes during the day. By the time classes were over, I was just too pooped to go anywhere and wanted to just sleep. As for the weekends, they gave me a chance to try to catch up with sleep, but consequently, I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted to with my friends and get to see Seoul a bit more.

This is something that I have regretted ever since returning to the United States. I am always thinking about how I wish I could go back and change my sleeping issue so that I could go out more. I feel like I missed out on so much, but in the end, I did have a serious case of insomnia, so I couldn’t help but choose sleep over going out and not sleeping, LOL. I was so exhausted, and spent most of my Winter vacation in my tiny room, in the dark, sleeping, only coming out to use the bathroom and make some ramyun.


The times that I did have enough energy to get out were amazing! I had so much fun, in some cases, I even forced myself out of my room to enjoy special occasions with my friends. Like on my birthday – LOL! I only had enough energy to go out with them for an early dinner, and then I went to sleep, and they called later, at like, 11pm, to have me come out to a bar across the street to celebrate New Year’s (my birthday is on New Year’s Eve). I have also fallen asleep in public a few times, LOL!!!! I fell asleep at the airport on sending one of my friends homes to America on the most comfortable rocks EVAR! I also caught a little nap before a concert. Check out the picture! Yes. That is me . . .  asleep . . . at a concert. LOL – I think we were waiting for it to start, cause Lord knows I was not about to miss out on some Rain! LOL!!!

So here’s my declaration: This time around, I will take the necessary precautions and actions to make sure that I adapt to the Korean time zone (14 hours ahead of the timze zone I am currently in), and to not take day naps during my first week in the country. I honestly think that that’s where I messed up the last time. I have learned my lesson!!! I shall conquer this sleeping demon and defeat the urge to sleep during the day . . . . . . for longer than an hour, LOL! Come on now, I should at least be able to take little naps, and I’m not talking about those 15 minute naps. Who honestly takes a 15 minute nap and wakes up refreshed? <.<) . . . . >.>) . . . . . ?????? EXACTLY! LOL!!

Of course, I will keep everyone updated on how that goes, but if there’s anything that I’m really nervous about, sleep is definitely it. Wish me luck!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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