2 Weeks


I can’t believe that I’m getting ready to leave to South Korea for the second time! I’m so excited, yet I nervous because this time I will be working and not studying.

I’m finally done with applying for a work visa, and OMG, I’m so happy that that is over! This past week was just so bad. It seemed like everyday I was having an issue. I’m glad that that is all behind me, and I can finally look forward to leaving with hopefully no issues in the next couple of weeks.

I am a little worried with what I’m supposed to be bringing as far as a attire. I am told that teachers should wear business-casual, but that means something different to everyone. So I’m not sure what exactly I should be packing, so I’m just packing a little bit of everything that business-casual could be. I’m also a little worried with if I have enough space to pack everything I want (not necessarily nee) to bring with me. I’ve narrowed down to about 7 pounds of makeup, LOL!! I’ve probably got about 20 pounds in shoes that I want to bring. And clothes?!!!! I don’t even want to guess how many pounds that could be!

Wednesday will be the last day for me at my job. I’ve been working there for 2 years now, and I’ve grown attached to several people there, so leaving is going to be very emotional! I’m a low-key crybaby, so I’m sure there will be tears shed on Wednesday, LOL!!

As far as any current concerns I have at the moment, that would only be money and food. I know that I’ll have enough money for the health exam that I need to have once I’m out there, but I’m not confident that I’ll have enough to buy anything that I might need that I can’t bring with me once I’m out there. I’ve spent so much money trying to get the necessary documents to get a visa, and for the visa itself, that I’ve spent nearly $300! Hopefully, I’ll be able to collect at least $200 from family members and friends at my going away get-together this weekend to have as extra funds.

My concern for food is that I do not like many Korean dishes, and it seems that that is what I will be served at the school that I am going to be teaching at. I won’t have enough money to go and buy food, and neither will I try to buy food because I have to save my money to buy a ticket home in December during vacation to see my new niece and baby cousin!! I looked at ticket costs and it’s going to cost me at least an entire paycheck to get a round trip ticket to and from home. On top of that, I will have to start paying back student loans in November, and I think my payments are $400 a month, so . . . . yeah.

There are several things that I have to think about in such little time, but knowing me and how I do things, I will most definitely have a written plan to follow. I will do another update next Sunday marking my final week until I leave!! AAHHH!!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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