Kountdown 6 Days

So, the countdown has begun, and there are just 6 days left until I take off to South Korea to begin life as a English language teacher. I’ve got something planned to do each day leading up until the big day, and today was dedicated to sleeping in and doing my hair.

I woke up at 11:20am today, and it was awesome. I probably could have slept in a little longer, but I really had to pee and then I realized that I needed to get started on my hair. I’ve learned how to braid my own hair with extensions so that I’m not ripped off in Korea like I was last time. I am NOT paying someone else $300 to day my hair ever again when I can do it myself for $6 and about 13 hours. Yes, 13 or more hours, but totally worth it.

My hair was already braided, but the braids around the circumference of my head were looking a bit ratchetrat (LOL), so I took time today to take those braids out, wash my hair, and redo those braids. I started at 3pm and finished at about 9pm. I forgot how big my head is! OMG – like daaaannnngggg!!! LOL!!

Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting my room together, and getting rid of stuff that I do need, won’t need when I return, and to packing things that I can’t bring with me, but would like to have when I get back. I don’t think it’s going to take that long, but then my mom dropped a bomb on me tonight saying that she’s going to move in my room  when I leave! So now I have to get all my stuff together to move into my sister’s room because sh’e going to be moving into our mom’s room! I told them a month ago, if they gad any plans to switch rooms with me they needed to tell me then so I wouldn’t be stuck trying to do all of this right before I left. Now look!

Anyway . . . that’s the plan for tomorrow, Wednesday is shopping day. Thursday is begin packing day, Friday is tie any loose ends day. And Saturday is my brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower. Sunday I leave!!!

Oh I forgot. I just got an email saying that I needed to write a simple essay as a response to an “article” about Korean culture and its education system in addition to why I want to teach at the school I’m going to be teaching at specifically . . . . I’m a little mad that I got this just a week before I have to leave, and I’m busy, and I really upset that this was given so late, but what can I do? So, I’ll try to get to that tomorrow as well, gawd.

That’s it! I’ll do another post tomorrow and everyday leading up until the BIG DAY!!!!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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