Kountdown 5 Days

Well, time’s a-ticking and we’re almost there!

Just 5 more days left until I head off to my new home in South Korea. I’m just now starting to get the bubble-guts, LOL. I don’t know why, but I think it could be because I’m going to be working and not going to school. This is going to be a new experience, and I just hope that I like it! Hwaiting!!

As for what I did today . . . . well, I woke up at around 11am because my mom called me and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I then did some heavy procrastinating to avoid getting my room together. I watched tv for a while, and then the cable dude came and took about 2 hours to fix our cable.

Went to the doctor to get some things taken care of, and Oh-My-GAWD! It was soooooo painful! I don’t think I ever want to experience that pain ever again! I felt like I was having a baby, well – at least what I assume having a baby feels like because I’ve never had one, but still!! Happy to say that I made it and will be baby-free for 3 whole years – woohoo!! LOL

Other that than that, I was able to get some of my room done. Went baby shower shopping with my mom and cousin, got some Taco Bell, and now I’m home. OH! I also finished that essay . . . . that’s all I’ll say about that – moving on!

Tomorrow is shopping and visiting my now-old job day! Can’t wait to get some retail therapy in before I leave. It’s going to be nice seeing my coworkers for the last time for a while, at least, before I leave as well. I plan on going with my Spain and South Korean flags tied as capes, LOL. There’s a study abroad fair, and I want to make a grand entrance and represent a couple countries that I’ve traveled to. I might go to the Mall of America, but only if I have time.

That’s it for tonight. Maybe I’ll post some pic of the stuff I bought tomorrow in tomorrow’s post, “Kountdown: 4 Days Until Korea!” Be sure to check it out!!!


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