Kountdown 4 DaysOh my Gawd! – I’m so sore!!

So, today was shopping day, and boy did I shop! If you’re wondering what why I dedicated an entire day to shopping and what I went shopping for, continue reading because it’s kind of intense . . . . okay, not really, but you should still continue!!! LOL

So, from what I read, I am require to dress in business casual when I work. Now, I just graduated from college, and my previous job only required that staff wear appropriate attire. Basically, no pajama bottoms, and hoochie-coochie clothes – LOL!!! Either way, I wound’t be caught dead in public with any of that on, so I just wore what I wore to class which was usually some jeans and a t-shirt or a casual top.

I don’t have any type of dressy clothing, with the exception of a couple of skirts that I’ve never worn and still have the tags on, and a couple of blouses that I RARELY wear (try saying that 5 times real fast! LOL!!!!). Now, I’m a pretty big girl, and from previous experience, I know I won’t be able to find much of any clothing in South Korea unless I lose about a bajillion pounds. So today, I dedicated my day to finding business casual wear for my new job. I know that I’m going to lose weight because I don’t like most Korean dishes (don’t judge me!), and that’s what I’m going to be served 3 times a day when at my job. So what do I plan to do when my new clothes and the clothes I’m bringing get too big? Online shopping baby!!!

I spent about $250 today and I got a lot: a dress, 3 shirts, 5 pairs of pants (which was my main concern), clear nose ring studs, eyeliner, razors, medicines, vitamins, body sprays, makeup remover wipes, powder drink mix (either no where to be found or SUPER expensive in Korea), and some other stuff, but I can’t think of it. That’s pretty good, right?! I had 2 store coupons that came in handy big time!

Now – as far as the study abroad fair; I did go and I wore my South Korean flag as a cape! I couldn’t find my Spain flag, so I just wore the SoKo one. The fair was awesome and huge! There were so many students and even Goldy, the University of Minnesota’s mascot, came out and messed with people. I got a picture, but my boss took it and another with me in my cape on her phone, so when she posts those on Facebook, I’ll steal them and post later! (check bottom of post!)

Other that shopping and dropping in on the fair, I was super tired afterward and got some Chipotle, went home, ate it, and crashed! LOL!! I’m gonna miss Chipotle . . . . . and Target! I’m going to have snatch a couple of bags before I leave to take with my to hang up, LOL!! Naw, that’s just ghetto! LOL!!!!!!

So, yeah, just a few more days and I’ll be off! Tomorrow I HAVE to finish my room!!! No exceptions! Then Friday, I plan on getting my money exchanged and start packing. Saturday I’m still going to my brother’s baby shower, and then Sunday I’m off! AHHHH – we’re getting so close! Stay tuned!!! . . . . You know what? I just realized I forgot to get make that matches my skin tone . . . dang! Gotta go out again! 😦

PS| Shout out to all of my new followers and current followers. Glad to see that you enjoy my blabbering . . . . . in text format . . . . . yeah . . . okay, I’ll just stop, LOL!!

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * HERE ARE THE PHOTOS!  * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Werk hUNTY!XdotTina and Goldy


3 responses to “KOUNTDOWN| 4 DAYS UNTIL KOREA!

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  2. babe, please make sure you have good shoes for matching your pants. why only three shirts?

    make sure you bring at least a year’s supply of toothpaste.

    • I’ve got a ton of shirts that will work for the attire requirement. My main focus today was dress pants, so those 3 shirts were just extras that I really didn’t need to get, LOL! I’m bringing nearly 20 pairs of shoes, most flats, so I definitely have some that match. As for toothpaste . . . . I don’t mind the Korean toothpaste, but I did already buy a tube of the brand I like to take with.

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