Kountdown 2 Days

DUDES, I like leave super soon – super soon, as in technically tomorrow (current time is 12:15am).

Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday. I was able to finish my room and all of my packing, YAY! The only bad thing is that I still have some nic-nac-patty-wak things that I want to bring with me that may or may not fit in my carry-on suitcase. I know for sure they’re not fitting in my checked baggage.

I also went to the bank today and got some Korean won because I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time. Oh my Gawd! I waited to get won at the airport right before I my flight, and the lady took FOREVER! I nearly missed my flight! I didn’t have time to put my shoes on or put my laptop back in my backpack after going through security, so I just ran to my gate (which was at the total opposite side from where I went through security) with no shoes on and look extra crazy! LOL I was so mad! I was the last one to get on the extremely packed flight, and my carry-on suitcase had to be checked because there wasn’t enough room on board for it. ANYWAY – she’s got won now, and won’t have to worry about anything but the weight of her luggage!

So what’s left? Well, I need to vacuum my room. Probably wipe things down. Take down my bed, so no one messes it up from trying to move it while it’s together and make me mad. And I think that’s it!

The baby shower is tomorrow, and it’ll be bitter sweet. I’ll get to see all of my family and most of my church friends, and say my goodbyes. Dang – I think it’s finally hit me – like, I’m really leaving. Dude.

That’s all I have for tonight. Until tomorrw, my last post until I get to Korea!


2 responses to “KOUNTDOWN| 2 DAYS UNTIL KOREA!

  1. you know i’m gonna miss you, you have to let me know if you get line or kakao or something so i can message you all the time.

    do you know how excited i am for you, i hope you have a heaping load of fun, drink lots of 소맥 with your new family in korea. i’m gonna try and save up to visit you on your mountain (but also visit seoul).

    i’ve given up being jealous and i’m channeling it to positivity, i’m gonna pray for your safe passage so let me know ASAP when you’ve landed in seoul then in daegu.

    i’m so proud that you’re doing what you want. gosh, so blessed to have you in my life. i gotta go now bye. i love you.

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