Kountdown 1 Day

LAWD, the time has come!

This week went by so fast! I’m really on my way to South Korea, AGAIN!

So, how am I feel right now? Well, there’s a bit of excitement, with a shot of nervousness and bubble guts – LOL!! I don’t know if it’s because I’m nervous, the food I ate today, or a mixture of both, but my stomach is on straight trip-mode right now! I can’t tell if I need to throw-up or run to the bathroom for some personal time with the toilet, LOL!!!

Other than that – everything all set to go. I do need to try to squeeze a couple of things in my checked luggage and my carry-on suitcases, but that’s about it.

I’m not sure how internet is going to work once I get out to the campus that I’m going to be working at, so this may be my last post until I figure that out. Because of that, I’m just going to give a VERY succinct description of what the next week is going to look like.

So, I leave tomorrow and arrive very late Monday night. Tuesday looks like it’s going to be health exam and observation day. Wednesday I’ll be lesson planning and another observation or teaching. Thursday I’ll be observing and co-teaching. Friday is immigration day along with some more observing and going over policies. Finally, Saturday and Sunday are rest days – woo hoo!!! Monday will be more observing.

There we go! I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to connect to the internet. I’ll just need to get some converters so my computer won’t die!!

I’m getting tire, and I still want to get everything that I need to do done before I go to sleep, or at least try to sleep. WISH ME LUCK & SAFE TRAVELS and pray my strength in the Lawd!!! I’ll be updating you guys as soon as I am able to! Don’t worry. I’ll try to get as many pictures as pawseebail!!

BY THE WAY| Gawd, I can’t believe I forgot to write about this, LOL. The baby shower was a success! There were sooooo many people, like 100! I can’t wait to come back in December to see my little niecie-poo!!! I do feel kind of bad because I forgot to get a gift! LOL! I’ve been so busy! It wasn’t until we got done decorating that everyone who’s been planning the shower realized that we all had forgot to get gifts! Anyway, I can always just send them one, or order something online and have it sent to them right?!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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