I have not forgotten about this blog! Just got through an extremely busy week, orientation.

So, let’s just start from where I last left off: getting ready to leave. Well, it was a bitter sweet take off. I’m not gonna lie. I did cry in the security line after my mom and sis sent me off at the airport. I mean I was like, boo-hoo crying. LOL. My first flight was to Chicago, and from Chicago to Seoul, and finally, from Seoul Daegu. A whopping total of about 15 hours in flight time, and about 24 hours of total travel time.

I’m trying very hard to to repeat any mistakes that I did that last time, so I’ve been trying to stay up by at least 12am every night even though I’m really ready to sleep at around 7:30pm. My room is pretty big. It’s a handicap room (that’s on the top floor of a building with no elevator, LOL). I’ve got bars surrounding my sink, LOL. I’ve just been hanging towels on them – why not? My room is also really nice. It’s got a desk, wordrobe, shoes cabinet-like thing, a table, and a mini fridge that I’ve already filled with different beverages, LOL. In my next post, I’ll post pictures of my room.

So, what have I’ve been doing since I’ve arrived? Well, I’ve nearly completed orientation and will start teaching on Tuesday. I’m not nervous, but rather quite excited! Me and the other new teachers that I arrived with went to do a health exam the day after we arrived – OMG – it was so exhausting! We had to keep going up and down these stairs, and I’m like, dang, I forgot this part about Korea: the stairs.

After the hospital visit, the next few days we began training and observations. We got a chance to watch some of the other teachers teach their situation courses so that we could get a better idea of how classes we conducted. On Thursday, we got to co-teach. I chose to co-teach Grocery and Transportation. I’ve definitely got Grocery in the bag, but I have a lot of ideas for transportation, but liked the way the teacher I co-taught with arranged his lesson.

Friday was immigration, and boy how that experience was. There wasn’t an issue at the actual immigration office, but the dude who tool me and the other new teachers there was having some serious personal issues! We were in the car after picking up our results from the heath exam, and the dude started talking on the phone. I was sitting in the front, and the other 2 teachers in the back. So yeah, the dude is on the phone, speaking Korean, and it was obvious that he was upset about something. All of a sudden, he just gets SUPER loud and extremely upset and starts shouting on the phone!! I was–WE were all scared!! We didn’t really know what was going on. So, the dude eventually gets off the phone, and there is just this super AWKWARD silence and vibe in the card until the dude finally says something. “I’m sorry. My friend— I give lots of money to friend. 20 uhhhhh . . . . . many many money. He no call for long time, so I am very angry and my family is in sorrow.” His English wasn’t that great, considering he worked at an English village, but we got the overall message. But then, he drives to this restaurant, and says that he’ll be just a minute which turned into 10. Then he drives around the corner, stops the car, and is like, “ladies, just one cigarette? One cigarette?” and we were like uhhhhhh, sure, LOL!!! After all of that, we finally get the immigration office, and took care of our stuff. It took about a fourth of the time we spent dealing with the dude’s drama, but whatever.

So, yeah, later that day I went into town and got some teaching supplies, and Saturday I went to Homeplus, and got some stuff for myself. Today, Sunday, I was supposed to go into downtown Daegu, but I missed the shuttle because I was locked IN the dorms. Don’t ask, LOL.

Tomorrow is the last day of orientation, and then I’m off to teach! I think everything’s going to be okay. I’ve already established a group of people I like to hang out with, and things are pretty koo.

Until next week, I’ll see yah’ll homs laytur, but in the meantime, enjoy the few pictures that I took of where I work:

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