2 Months


Yes! I am alive, kicking, and still here in good-old Daegu, South Korea!

I have not forgotten about this blog, it’s just that I have been EXTREMELY busy! “Busy with what?” Well, work.

I don’t work at an ordinary school like the majority of English Language instructors here in South Korea. I work at what one may call an English Camp. About 500 to 600 students come to my job for a school week and take a 7 different classes a day. I meet about 300 of these students. I also teach 7 classes a day from 9am to 5:30pm. As you can imagine, by the end of the day, I’m quite exhausted.

BUT ANYWAY, so what have I been up to since my last post back in October? Well, besides work, I’ve visited Busan again initially to get away from work to relax, but developed food poisoning from the dinner I had before leaving to the train to Busan. I also missed the last train back to Daegu to make it to work the next, so I had to take the 5am train on a Monday morning to make it to a 9am staff meeting. Let’s just say, it wasn’t a very pleasant ‘vacation’.

What happened next? . . . . . Uhhh, Oh yeah – HALLOWEEN! I suppose that happened before I went to Busan. I didn’t have a costume, but I do have a TON of makeup, so I just painted my face like a cat’s, and was a cat-like-creature for Halloween. My students were quite intrigued and I even managed to scare a few of them. That was a pretty fun day! Here’s a picture:

Halloween 2013

So yeah, Halloween, then sick in Busan, and then we come up to just work. I’ve been asked to be one of the TESOL instructors for the TESOL certification program that my job offers. This is a great opportunity, however, it requires a lot of prep-time. I have basic lesson plans for my 10 courses, however, there is still a lot for me to do! I will for sure be working on TESOL stuff during my vacation in America for the holiday.

I suppose I can talk about that next! YES – I will be going home for Christmas . . . . . . . you can count on meeeee. LOL. Getting the ticket home has caused the most stress I have ever been in!! Let’s just say, if you come to Korea to teach English, open a bank account that gives you a card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or whatever logo thing on it and doesn’t have a maximum purchase limit. In the end, I have transferred money to my American bank account, which I should have done in the first place, and will be buying this ticket that has been on hold for me for nearly a week (a week tomorrow in fact). I will have about $50 to spend when I get home, so basically, the only thing that I will be spending in America is time with the fam, LOL!!!

I totally forgot all about the Korean weddings that I crashed! So, I got invited by a coworker to go to our kitchen’s chef’s sister’s wedding, LOL. There was about 5 of us foreign teachers that went, in addition to about a million weddings all happening on the same day in the same hood! We must have arrived early because we caught the end of a wedding that was happening in the same wedding hall as the wedding we were invited to, but I didn’t know that and thought that we were just late and missed basically the whole thing. Girl, I was taking photos and talking to random people. I even took a photo with the bride and groom on the stage with the other teachers. They didn’t know us, and we didn’t know them, but somehow we ended up taking a professional photo with them that will most likely end up in their wedding album, LOL!!!!!!!! The next wedding, the one that we were invited to, we did get to see the entire ceremony. Also took some photos with the bride and groom that we didn’t really know, LOL. Afterward, we went to the bomb buffet!! Man-oh-man it was so good. Went home and fell straight to sleep, LOL!!!!!

The wedding that we were invited to . . .

The wedding that we were invited to . . .

The wedding that we crashed . . . . I secretly liked this one better. Homegirl's dress was bangin'!

The wedding that we crashed . . . . I secretly liked this one better. Homegirl’s dress was bangin’!

Uhhhhhh, that’s pretty much it. May have some good news further on in the future depending on how some things go, but you can count on an update about that if it all goes well. It hopefully on’t take a month, LOL!!!

I think I said my next post will a room tour, but it’s night and I’m not about that life right now, so perhaps next time. I promise it will come someday, LOL.

So, until next time (can’t say when that is exactly), see you guys laterz!! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

PS| Thanksgiving! Korea does not celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do have something like it in September. Anyway, I forgot that my job took all the staff, Korean and foreign, to a top-notch buffet place for Thanksgiving. There was a raffle, and we all got gifts. There was also some stuffing and turkey, however, I think I may have been the only one who ate any of it. It was okay, cold, but didn’t have anything on my mammy’s stuffing!!!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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