Christmas Vacation

Hello All!

I am home, in Minnesota! or should I say Minne-SNOW-ta?

It was a struggle getting a ticket to here, but I made it and stuffing my face with all the delicious carbs I can get my hands on, LOL! I decided to come home for my Winter vacation because my brother had a baby while I was in South Korea, and I really wanted to see her. She is soooooo adorable! I LOVE HER!

I also wanted to come back to the states to see my other baby, Goku, my cat! I talk about him all the time with my students, and they almost love him as much as I do. However, I have to admit, since I been home for the past few days, he has been buggin, LOL! But I better get over that quick because I have to leave him soon!!!

So, what will I do until I head back to SoKo? Well, I still need to go and buy some essentials that I can’t buy in Korea, so I’m going to finish that/ I also need to finish quite a few PowerPoint Presentations for my TESOL lectures when I get back. So far, I’ve only got one completed and it took me forever to get it done, so I need to get started on the other 5 or 6 before I’m in trouble! Other than that, I hope to meet up with some friends, and hang out with them.

I leave on the 26th, and have to spend a day in Chicago before my next flight to Dallas, and then to Korea from there. I won’t get back until the 28th (Korea time). Isn’t messed up that I lose a whole day traveling back?! Not too happy about that.

This is all I have for now. I hopefully won’t be too busy when I get back because I have some great ideas for blogging topics. My birthday is on December 31st, and guess what? I HAVE TO WORK!!! AAAHHHH. I probably won’t celebrate it until that weekend. I also have to start paying my big student loan bill in January, so I’m becoming a real adult now, LOL!!!

Hope you all have a happy holiday! Check out these pictures from my classes!!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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