<.<) . . . . . . . >.>) . . . . . . . Oh, Hey there! LOL!!!

I know. . . . . I know. I know. I know! Where the frick have I been?! LOL. Honey, child, I’ve been LAZY!! I don’t know why I feel like it takes so much to write these posts, when in reality it really doesn’t. So, yeah, I’ve just been lazy, unfortunately.

However, I did take a mini vacation to Osaka, Japan and a full vacation to the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines! So, the plan is to write two posts about my experiences there along with pictures of course. BUT, I cannot promise when those posts will be coming out! LOL!!! That is so SAD! But at least I’m being honest.

As far as work goes . . . . I don’t know. I’m honestly just not feeling Korea like I used to. It may just be the particular city that I’m in, but I feel like every time I go out of Korea, since being here, and come back, I just get reminded of all the things that make me so angry about this place. Scamming taxi drivers who are also nearly blind, rude people and their mannerisms, the lack of common sense that EVERYONE seems to suffer from, and several little things at work that make me want to leave the school. I don’t know. I might try going into EPIK.

I’ve been looking into other countries like Spain and Czech Republic. I think I’m leaning more towards Spain, though. . . . . I think it may be time to give Korea a rest and to move on and experience another culture.

I’ve got about 5 months left in my contract, and 2 months before I have to turn in a statement of intent to my current school about whether or not I tend to stay employed here. I might extend my contract, but I’m not sure. I don’t really like how both administrations at this school run things.

NTway. My fingers are going numb, which means it’s time to stop blabbering, LOL!

Hopefully, the Osaka and Boracay posts will be up soon .  .  .


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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