About Me

About Me

Christina Dunbar, also known as XdotTina, is an avid traveler and blogger.

She was born is California, but at the young age of 9, moved to Minnesota. She dubs herself “Calisotan”.

Christina’s first international experience was in 2005 when she traveled to Spain for 3 weeks with her high school Spanish department. It was this trip that laid the foundation to her love for traveling and experiencing different cultures.

While studying Global Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Christina traveled to Guatemala to volunteer and studied abroad for an academic year to South Korea at Korea University. This allowed her to further study the country’s culture, language, and to meet new people. While studying abroad, Christina was given the opportunity to share her experience through vlogging for her program’s website which sparked her interest in blogging about her travels. Upon graduating in 2013, Christina was off to Korea again, but this time to teach English.

While teaching English in the one of Asia’s most upcoming countries, Christina was given easy access to travel to nearby countries such as Japan and the Philippines.

After working and living in Korea for almost a year and half, Christina decided to try out Japan where she now lives and works as an English language instructor.

If you are interested in visiting Christina’s blog about her experience in Korea as a study abroad student, please visit MySeoulAbroad!


Any thoughts? Please share! Any Questions? Please ask!

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